If you're a Setmore account owner, admin, or receptionist, you can view and access team member calendars in your Setmore account. 

Viewing team member calendars in the mobile app

By default, the Setmore mobile app will show your Agenda or 3-day Calendar. But you can select to show all schedules.

  • First, tap the name that appears at the top center of the screen. 
Staff picker in Setmore mobile app
  • Then, choose a different team member to access their Agenda or Calendar, or select All Schedules to see everyone's appointments.
Choosing All Schedules in the calendar view picker

Viewing team member calendars in the web app

By default, the Setmore app will open on your calendar, but you can navigate between different team member calendars in your account. 

Note: If you have staff-level access, you'll only be able to access your own calendar.

  • First click or tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of your calendar, below the Profile button. Choose between "View as dropdown" or "View as tabs". 
Choosing the calendar view by clicking Settings.
  • Dropdown view will allow you to access different calendars by clicking the staff name in the top left corner of your calendar screen.
Staff names displayed in the staff picker
  • Tabbed view will display all calendars as tabs, starting at the top left of your calendar screen.
A staff calendar displayed in Tabbed view

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