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Custom Time Slot
Custom Time Slot

Visually adjust how long or condensed the slots appear on your Setmore calendar

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Using the Custom Time Slot feature in your account settings, you can change the way appointment slots are displayed in your admin calendar.

The time slot intervals indicate how each hour is divided up in the calendar; therefore a smaller interval will mean lots of little slices, while a larger interval will mean a smaller amount of bigger chunks.

Note: The change is purely visual and does not affect how appointments are booked in Setmore.

Change the time slot interval ⏰

1. Navigate to Settings > Booking Page > Booking Policies, and scroll down to the Booking Slot Size. Use the dropdown menu to select the time slot interval. In this example, we are moving from an interval of 15 minutes to an interval of 30 minutes.


2. Navigate back to the calendar tab. You will now see that each time slot is represented by intervals of 30 minutes, rather than 15. The appointments themselves did not get shorter, they simply appear more condensed.


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