Automatically export appointments and classes from a staff member's Setmore calendar to an Office 365 calendar. This integration helps to keep your schedule up to date and reduce double booking.

Note: This 1-way sync displays Setmore appointments and classes in Office 365, but Office 365 events do not reflect in your Setmore calendar. Setmore appointments and classes are also not editable in your Office 365 calendar.

Activating Setmore-Office 365 1-way sync

1. In your Setmore web app, navigate to Settings > Staff. Select the staff member whose calendar you want to export.

setmore web app staff profile

2. In the particular staff profile, scroll down to the section titled ‘Calendar URL.’ Click ‘Copy Link’ to copy the long string URL to your clipboard.

copy staff calendar url setmore web app

3. Open a new browser tab and log into your Office 365 account. Navigate to the calendar.

The Office365 account login page

4. In your calendar, right-click ‘Your calendars’ in the left-hand navigation. Select ‘Open calendar’ from the menu.

Choosing Open Calendar under Your Calendars

5. The 'Open calendar' pop-up appears. Paste your Setmore calendar URL in the 'Internet Calendar' field. Click the 'Open' button.

Pasting the Setmore Calendar URL and clicking the Open button

The sync is activated. Note: It may take 8 hours or longer for appointment data to export from Setmore to Office 365.

Looking to send events from Setmore to Office 365 and vice versa? Upgrade to Pro and set up 2-way Office 365 calendar sync.

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