With the Office365 sync, you can automatically export appointments and events from a staff member's Setmore calendar to your personal Office365 calendar. These appointments will be visible in Office365, but not editable. This is a handy feature if you want to consolidate multiple calendars in one place.

Activating the 1-way sync

1. Navigate to Settings > Staff and select the staff member whose calendar you want to export.

2. In the main viewing area, scroll down to the section titled "Calendar URL." Select and copy the URL in the form field.

3. Open a new browser tab and log into your Office365 account, then go to the calendar.

4. In your Calendar, right-click the "Your Calendars" heading in the left-hand navigation area, then select "Open calendar" from the dropdown menu.

5. In the Open Calendar menu, paste the calendar URL in the form field for "Internet Calendar," and click the Open button.

6. The sync is now complete. Please note that it may take 8 hours or longer for appointment data to start exporting from Setmore into Office365.

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