With Pro, you can set up 2-way sync between your Setmore and Google calendars. Once activated, this sync automatically exports Setmore appointments to your Google calendar, and imports Google events to your Setmore calendar. Details reflect in real-time, ensuring both calendars are up-to-date

  • Google 2-way sync exports Setmore appointments, classes and recurring appointments to Google. It does not sync Events to Google.

  • The sync imports Google events, recurring events, 24-hour and multi-day events into Setmore. It does not sync Google appointments to Setmore.

  • Once activated, the sync only exports newly-booked appointments from Setmore to your Google calendar. Appointments booked before activation do not reflect.

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Verifying your timezone

Before you set up 2-way sync, you must verify that both your Setmore and Google calendars are set to the same time zone.

1. In Google Calendar, click the gear icon in the top right and select 'Settings' from the dropdown menu.

Opening the Settings tab on Google Calendar

2. In the 'General' tab next to 'Country', use the dropdown menu to confirm your timezone.

Confirming the time zone

3. In Setmore, navigate to 'Apps & Integrations' and under 'Your Booking Page', click the 'Configure' button. Select the 'Business Hours' tab. Next to 'Time Zone', you can verify your Setmore account's time zone. 

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Activating 2-way calendar sync

You'll need to set up 2-way sync for one staff member at a time. Repeat the following instructions for each staff member whose calendar you want to sync 👌

1. In a separate browser tab, log into your Google account. The Google calendar you'd like to sync should be associated with this account.

2. Back in your Setmore account, navigate to Settings > Staff. Select the staff member whose calendar you'd like to sync. In the section titled 'Google Sync', flip the On/Off switch to the 'On' position.

3. You'll be prompted to grant Setmore access to share details. Click the 'Allow' button to continue. 

4. Use the dropdown menu to select which Google calendar to sync with Setmore (if you have more than one calendar associated with the Google account). After confirming, click the 'Activate Sync' button.

You'll start to see your Setmore appointments appear in Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Setmore appointments on Google Calendar

To reschedule appointments from Google calendar, you can drag and drop an appointment to a new time slot. The changes will take a few minutes to reflect in your Setmore calendar.

After the sync is activated, all booking details for the past month and the next two years sync to your Setmore calendar.

Note: Google appointment slots will not sync with Setmore. When creating an event on your Google calendar, you’ll be given three options: event, out of office, and appointment slots. Only 'events' and 'out of office' will sync to your Setmore calendar. Appointment slots created in Google Calendar will not reflect in Setmore.

Creating appointment slots on Google Calendar
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Resetting your Google sync

When using Google sync, you may receive a message in Setmore that prompts you to reset the sync. This ensures the latest version of the sync is activated.

  • Log into Setmore and go to Settings > Staff. Choose your staff profile and scroll down to the Google 2-way sync switch.

  • Switch it off. You may need to wait a few minutes for events and appointments to stop syncing.

  • Switch it back on. Setmore automatically activates the latest version of 2-way sync.

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Frequently asked questions

For what date range will the sync import/export data?
Once activated, 2-way sync will import/export all eligible appointments and events for the past month, and up to two years ahead of the current date.

Can you edit Google events from Setmore and vice versa?
You cannot edit Google events but you can delete them from your Setmore calendar. In your Google calendar, you can reschedule Setmore appointments.

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