Activity Stream

To-the-minute updates on any action that takes place in your Setmore account

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The activity stream is a constantly-updating list of recent actions in your Setmore account. These actions can include new or rescheduled appointments, payments or refunds, new customer contacts, and more. The activity stream will help you stay up-to-date on any changes or appointment traffic inside your Setmore account.

Note: Activity alerts and push notifications in the Setmore mobile app are controlled by your mobile app Notification settings and are specific to your device. 

Changes to your web app settings will not carry over to the mobile app. Make sure you update your mobile app settings separately, under Account > Notifications.

Check or customize your Activity Stream (web app)

In the Setmore web app, head to Settings, and in the More Section, you'll see Activity.

To change which alerts you receive:

  • Start by navigating to Settings > Notifications > My Notifications

  • Check or uncheck the boxes next to each action for which you wish to be notified or not notified.

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