Setmore sends a number of automated messages to you and your customers. These messages help you align on appointment times, reschedules, cancellations, and more. Many of these emails can be deactivated in the Settings > Notifications dashboard of your Setmore web login.

We’ll go through each communication, below.

Appointment confirmations


Anytime a new appointment is booked, or if a customer is added to a class session, Setmore will send a confirmation email to both the customer, and the service provider for the appointment or class. 


Setmore will send an Appointment Rescheduled email to both you and your customer anytime an appointment is rescheduled. Note: because class sessions have a fixed date/time, customers may only reschedule to another class session if one exists. 


If you or your customer cancel their appointment, you’ll both be notified by email as well.

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Appointment reminders

Email reminder

Within a timeframe prior to the appointment, Setmore will send a reminder email to both you and your customer. 

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Text reminder

If you have Setmore Premium with the text reminder feature turned on, Setmore will also send a text reminder to your customer only.

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Push notifications

Setmore does not send a text reminder to you or your staff members, but you may use the Setmore mobile app on your phone to receive push notifications for your upcoming appointments. And that’s just as good as a text reminder.

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Review request emails (US Only)

One hour after the customer’s appointment, Setmore will send an email requesting they post a review of the service to your Booking Page. This feature is currently only available for users in the United States.

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Email receipts

If you have the Square or Stripe payment integration activated, Setmore will automatically send an email receipt to your customer after a successful card transaction. 

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