The Setmore mobile app gives you control over when confirmations, reminders or push notifications are sent out.

Push notifications provide live alerts direct to your mobile device. Get notified instantly of any appointment changes and maximize your working hours.

Below, you’ll find information on the Setmore's mobile app notifications and how to manage your settings from your Android or iOS device.

Note: Before you begin, make sure you have push notifications activated in your device settings.

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Accessing notification settings

Head to Account > Notifications in your mobile app.

setmore mobile app account menu

Here you will see the following options:

  • Customer (Account level): Set email reminders (appointments and classes) and text reminders (appointments only) for customers. You can customize notifications and select the Reminder Lead Time - how long before an appointment or class your customer will receive the reminder.

  • Staff (Account level): Set email reminders for staff (appointments and classes). You can select the Reminder Lead Time - how long before each appointment a staff member will receive an email reminder.

  • Push notifications (User level): Push notifications are specific to your user profile.

  • Push activity alerts (Device level): Push notifications are device-specific settings. These only change app behavior on your device and not the devices of other staff members.

  • Activity stream (Account level): These settings are only available to view in the web app portal at

Read on to learn how to activate reminders and push notifications.

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Customer and staff reminders

Email reminders are activated by default and free to all subscribers.

Text reminders can only be activated with a Premium or Pro subscription.

Note: Text reminders are not available to staff. When your team members have busy days, they likely don't want appointment texts filling up their inboxes. Instead, staff can rely on push notifications from Setmore appearing on their mobile screens.

To turn on notifications:

  • Tap Account > Notifications > Customer.

setmore mobile app customer notification menu
  • Tap to toggle each switch to the 'On' position (the button will turn blue). This activates email reminders for customers or staff, or text reminders for customers (Premium or Pro only).

  • Tap ‘Customization’ to personalize your reminders. You can change your sender name and email signature. To edit, tap the relevant box and begin typing.

setmore moble app customer notifications customization
setmore mobile app customize notifications for customer
  • Once reminders are activated, tapReminder Lead Time’. This sets how long before an appointment the customer or staff member receives a reminder. Tap the box and select your preferred time to send automatic email or text reminders.

lead time for customers notifications on setmore mobile app

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Mobile push reminders

Navigate to Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Push Reminders to edit these settings.

Note: Push notifications are user-specific settings. Any changes you make here will be specific to your user profile and will not affect any other staff member's settings.

setmore mobile app push notifications
setmore mobile app push reminders
  • Under Push Reminders, activate the toggle switch for 'Turn On Reminder' (the switch will turn blue when on).

  • Use 'Remind me before' to set how soon before the appointment you'd like to receive a push alert. This ranges from 5 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • Use 'Remind for' to select which staff members you will receive Push Notifications for.

setmore mobile app push reminders enabled
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Mobile push alerts

Push alerts will notify you of general activity in your Setmore account, such as new or rescheduled appointments.

Navigate to Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Push Activity Alerts to edit these settings.

To turn on an alert, tap the relevant box and a small blue tick will appear. To turn off alerts, tap the box to remove the tick. You will only receive notifications for those which have a blue tick.

setmore mobile app push activity alerts menu

Note: Push activity alerts are device-specific settings. They only change Setmore app behavior on your device, not the devices of other staff members. Any changes you make within this section will apply to your mobile phone only.

Learn more about activating email reminders for staff to keep them updated on their schedule.

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