Setmore allows your customers to add multiple services to a single appointment when scheduling through your Booking Page. 

As customers go through the normal flow of selecting an appointment, the Provide Multiple Services feature will prompt them to add more services to their appointment in a pop-up window:

Book additional service menu during appointment booking

By default, customers are only able to book one appointment at a time. You need to activate Provide Multiple Services to allow add-on services.


  • Multiple services works for appointments only. Class sessions are not currently supported for this feature.

  • Booking multiple services is only available to customers booking through the Booking Page. You cannot currently book multiple services from your Agenda or Calendar. You can, however, book services back-to-back

  • You may not activate both Provide Multiple Services and Skip the Staff at the same time.

  • Currently you may only activate Provide Multiple Services from the Setmore web app at 

An image of the Setmore Line Break

Activate Provide Multiple Services from the web app

  • Start by going to Settings > Booking Page.

The Settings and Booking Page icons
  • Then navigate to the Booking Policies tab and scroll down to Provide Multiple Services. Turn the switch on.

Enabling Multiple Services under Booking Policies
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How multiple services appear in your calendar

When a customer completes a booking, it will appear on your calendar as two or more services stacked together.

View of Multiple Services on the calendar

If you're using the Setmore mobile app, the services also appear stacked one on top of the other, with the same customer.

View of multiple services on the mobile app
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I am receiving multiple notifications for each service booked

Admittedly, this feature isn't perfect, and yes you will receive an email notification for each service booked (even in a "multiple service" package) through your Booking Page. Right now we don't have a fix, but we may refine/update the feature in a future development cycle.

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