The staff login feature allows you to grant separate login credentials to your staff members that are linked to the same Setmore account. You can also assign permission levels of varying degrees that control which menus and settings your staff members have access to. By activating staff logins, you empower your employees to schedule their own appointments and manage their own calendars.

Note: Staff logins can be activated only if your staff member has a valid email address in their details menu. If a staff is registered with multiple Setmore accounts, the staff can only have one staff login created from one of their accounts.

Your maximum number of staff profiles

  • Setmore Free: Your free Setmore account supports up to 4 staff profiles.
  • Setmore Premium: Upgrade to Setmore Premium to add up to 20 staff profiles. 
  • More than 20 profiles: Need to add more than 20 staff profiles? We can add more profiles to your Setmore Premium account by request. Learn more >

Activate staff logins

1. Navigate to Settings > Staff and choose the staff member for whom you want to activate a separate login.

2. Scroll down and find the Staff Login option. Click the switch "On/Off" switch into the "On" position. If you get an error message, check that the staff has a valid email address in their profile.

3. A new option labeled "Access Controls" will appear. Use the dropdown menu to select the staff member's level of access (see below for more information).

4. An email will be sent to the staff member's email address with a temporary username and password. The staff member will have to log in to change their username and password.

Set access levels

You can specify the access level for a staff member in their details menu, under Settings > Staff. Simply scroll down to the section titled Staff Login and use the drop-down menu provided, adjacent to Access Controls. There are three levels of access in Setmore:

  • Staff will have access to their calendar only.
  • Admins will have access to all calendars, menus and submenus in Setmore.
  • Receptionists will have access to all staff calendars and the customer tab, but will not have access to other menus or submenus.

If you select staff-level access, another option will appear to “allow staff to update breaks and hours.” This allows staff members to adjust their own working hours, breaks, and time off.

Reset a staff account password / Re-enable a staff account

If a staff member forgets their password, they can easily reset their password. First make sure that the staff account is enabled by going to Settings > Staff and then choose a staff profile. The "Staff Login" switch should be activated.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "I forgot my password!"
  3. Select the radio button for "Staff."
  4. Enter the staff member's email address and click "Send me reset instructions." Simply follow the instructions to reset the staff account's password. 
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