The staff login feature allows you to grant separate login credentials to your staff members that are linked to the same Setmore account. You can also assign permission levels of varying degrees that control which menus and settings your staff members have access to. By activating staff logins, you empower your employees to schedule their own appointments and manage their own calendars.

Note: Staff logins can be activated only if your staff member has a valid email address in their details menu. If a staff is registered with multiple Setmore accounts, the staff can only have one staff login created from one of their accounts.

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Your maximum number of staff profiles

  • Setmore Free: Your free Setmore account supports up to 4 staff profiles and access to all the basic features.

  • Setmore Premium: Upgrade to Setmore Premium to unlock advanced scheduling features for up to 2 staff profiles.

  • More than 20 profiles: Upgrade to Setmore Pro for access to advanced scheduling features and manage as many profiles you want.

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Activate staff logins (web app)

  • Start by navigating to Settings > Staff and choose a staff member. 

The Settings and Staff icons in the web app
  • Then, click to activate the Staff Login switch, and use the dropdown menu to set the level of access.

The access controls drop-down in the web app
  1. Staff will have access to their calendar only.

  2. Admins will have access to all calendars, menus and submenus in Setmore.

  3. Receptionists will have access to all staff calendars and the customer tab, but will not have access to other menus or submenus.

If you select staff-level access, another option will appear to “allow staff to update breaks and hours.” This allows staff members to adjust their own working hours, breaks, and time off.

  • Lastly, Setmore will send an email invitation to the staff member in question. The staff member must open the email, and click the "Set Password" button. 

The Staff Login welcome email

*Note that the link to set the password will expire within 24 hours. 

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Resend the email invite (web app)

You may resend the email invitation by going to Settings > Staff > (Staff Member), and then turn the Staff Login switch off and on again.

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Recover a lost password

To recover a lost password, go to and click "I forgot my password!"

The Forgot your password window for Staff Login

Select the radio button for "staff" and enter your email to obtain reset instructions.

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