Buffer time is extra time added to a service duration that you use to clean up after the appointment, or prepare for the next appointment. 

So if you have a 30 minute service, but it takes 10 minutes to clean up afterwards, then you add a 10 minute buffer time. In your calendar, the appointment will take up a 40-minute time slot.

Buffer time is invisible to your customers. This is useful if you offer a 30 minute massage that requires 10 minutes of buffer time, but you don't want to advertise it to your customers as a 40 minute massage on the Booking Page.

Adding buffer time in the mobile app

  • Start by going to Account > Services. 
The Account and Services icons
  • Next, tap a service to bring up the Details menu. In the details menu, tap the Duration row.
The duration of a Setmore service
  • Then, tap Buffer Time to add a buffer time. Save your changes by tapping Save in the top right.
The Buffer time of a Setmore service

Adding buffer time in the web app

  • Start by going to Settings > Services.
The Settings and Services icons on the web app
  • Next, click on a service to bring up the Details menu.
  • Then, enter a value for Buffer Time and save your changes.
The service details menu with the buffer time

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