Customer reviews are activated by default when you sign up for Setmore. Positive reviews help encourage new and potential customers to book a service, while negative reviews give you feedback on how to improve the customer's experience. Use reviews to your advantage and learn from them!

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Activating reviews on your Booking Page

Currently, reviews may only be activated from the Setmore web app, and not the mobile app.

The Settings, Booking Page and Reviews icons
  • Then click the "on/off" switch to the "on" position to activate Reviews.

The Customer Reviews switch
  • (Optional) You may also activate Email Prompts to automatically request reviews from your customers after their appointments.

The Email Prompt switch

Once activated, a new "Reviews" tab will appear on your Booking Page. Customers may go here to post a review of their appointment.

The Reviews tab on the Setmore Booking Page
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Automated review request emails

With email Prompts turned on, Setmore will automatically send a review request email to your customers one hour after their appointment. This feature applies only to regular appointments and not to classes. 

The Request for review email prompt

Customers can select Write a Review to post a review directly to your Booking Page.

Don't want automated review request emails? Simply turn off the "Enable Reviews" switch (as detailed in the previous step) to stop sending these emails.

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How customers submit a review

  • On your Booking Page, customers will click or tap "Write a Review".

The window for customers to rate and submit their review
The manage Review dashboard in the Setmore web app
  • Click the checkmark to approve a review, click the eye to hide the review, or click the trash icon to delete it.

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Adjusting review settings after activation

Once reviews are activated, you may deactivate review prompts or the "Reviews" tab by clicking the "Settings" icon in the top-right corner of the reviews dashboard.

Clicking the Review settings icon to deactivate reviews

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