This integration automatically exports your new customer contacts from Setmore into your Mailchimp subscriber list. It works if you manually create a new customer through the Setmore admin dashboard, or if customers add themselves to your contact list through your Booking Page. 

For the best results, you'll want to make sure that the Mailchimp contact fields match the contact fields in Setmore. We'll cover this in a later section, below.

Please note: Custom contact fields that you add in Setmore will not work with this integration. So any custom info that you're getting from customers won't be exported to Mailchimp using this integration. Only data in Setmore's default contact fields (Name, email, phone number and address) can be exported.

When activated, this integration will automatically export all new customer contacts to Mailchimp.


Connect your Setmore account to Mailchimp

  1. In Setmore navigate to Apps & Integrations, then scroll down and click on the Mailchimp integration card.

The Mailchimp integration card under Apps & Integrations

2. In the Mailchimp details window, click the "Activate" button.

The Setmore Mailchimp integration pop up

3. You'll be prompted to log in with your Mailchimp username and password.

Connecting Setmore account and Mailchimp

4. Next, select which subscriber list you would like to export your Setmore contacts to. A message will appear to confirm the integration is successfully activated.

Choosing the target list on Mailchimp

5. For best results, you'll want to match your Setmore contact fields to your Mailchimp contact fields, which we'll cover in the next section.


Configuring Mailchimp contact fields to match Setmore

Your data fields for each customer contact should be the same in both Setmore and Mailchimp. For example, if you want to export the fields for Name, Email and Phone, then your Setmore customer contact card should have these fields and your Mailchimp customer profile should have these fields too. The form field titles should be identical across both platforms, including spaces, dashes, and capitalization.

Please note: this integration can only export Setmore's default form fields for name, email, phone and address. Any data in customized form fields will not be exportable. 

1. You can verify your Setmore customer details by navigating to Apps & Integrations, and clicking the "Configure" button under Your Booking Page.

Configuring the Booking Page settings in Setmore

2. Next go to the Booking Policies tab, and scroll down until you see the "Contact Fields" section. Verify that these are the contact fields you have and determine which ones you want to export. Note that "Name" field is included by default but is not displayed here.

Determining the Contact Fields on the Booking Page

3. In a separate browser tab, open Mailchimp and navigate to Lists, then click Settings. Select "List fields and MERGE tags."

Viewing the fields and tags of your Mailchimp list

4. Here you can see a list of all contact data fields. Cross-reference these data fields with those in your Setmore account. Also check that the labels under "Put this tag in your content:" match the titles of each contact field. These must match to ensure a proper synchronization!

Mapping your Mailchimp fields with Setmore
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