If your Booking Page looks a little cluttered, you can opt to hide certain elements for a more minimalist booking experience. Setmore allows you to condense a long list of services into categories and then restrict your Booking Page view to a single categories at a time. You can also hide service prices, durations, or the "Business Hours" section of your Booking Page. We'll go through each of these options below.

Condense visible service categories using accordion view

1. For this to work, you'll need to shuffle your available services into service categories. Learn more about service categories by reading the article here.

2. Navigate to Apps & Integrations. Under where it says Your Booking Page, click the "Configure" button.

Configuring the Booking Page policy on the web app

3. Click the Booking Policies tab and scroll to the section titled "Show Category Like Accordion." Click the On/Off switch to the "On" position.

The Show Category like Accordion radio switch

4. Open your Booking Page in a new browser tab. The categories should now be folded into collapsable drop-down lists. You can toggle between categories by click the ">" arrow to the right of the category title.

Services organized under collapsable drop-down list

Show or hide service prices, durations, or your business hours

1. In the Booking Policies tab, scroll to the section titled "Show Service/Class Prices." Below this you will also find "Show Service/Class Duration" and "Show Business Hours."

Show/ hide prices, durations and business hours switches

2. Click the On/Off switch to the preferred position in order to show or hide each of these elements.

The Booking Page with price, duration and business hours highlighted
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