Consolidate or delete duplicate customer profiles with the "merge customer" feature.

*Note: This feature is currently only available in the Setmore web app.

Merge customer profiles (web app)

  • Start by going to the Customers tab. In the customer list, select all copies of a customer profile that you wish to merge or delete, by checking the box next to their names.
  • Next, in the main window a prompt will appear. Click Merge Selected to merge the profiles, or Delete Selected to delete them.
  • If merging profiles, you will then choose which data from each profile will be used to create the final customer profile. Use the dropdown menus to select the data you want, then save the final profile.

Unmerge a customer profile (web app)

For any customer profile that was created from two or more merged profiles, a small "Merged" indicator will appear below the customer's name in their profile.

  • Start by clicking on the Merged icon. 
  • Next you'll see a list of all previous customer profiles that were used to merge this profile. Click the Unmerge link to restore the old profiles.

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