Setmore lets you mass import or export customer contacts to/from your account. In this article we'll cover the following actions:

  • Import contacts directly from your phone to the Setmore mobile app
  • Import contacts to the Setmore web app via your Google account or a CSV file
  • Export contacts as a CSV file from the Setmore web app

*Note: 1000 Customer Limit

If you are importing customer contacts from a CSV file, the Setmore platform can only process 1000 contacts at a time. If you have more than 1000 customer contacts, be sure to segment your file into groups for uploading.

Import contacts directly from your phone (mobile app)

  • Start in the Setmore mobile app by going to More > Import Customers.
  • If prompted, grant permission for Setmore to access your phone contacts.
  • Lastly, select the customer contacts that you want to add to your Setmore account and tap Save in the top right corner.

Import contacts from Google or a CSV file (web app)

  • Start by going to Customers, then click the hamburger menu next to the search field. Choose Import customers.
  • Next, choose either Import from Google or Upload CSV File.
  • If you chose Google, follow the prompts to connect your Google account and complete the data sync.
  • If you chose to upload a CSV file, select the file from your computer to continue.
  • Lastly, use the dropdown menus to set which Setmore form field will receive the imported data. (For example, match your source's Last Name field to Setmore's Last Name field, and so on.)

*Note: When formatting your CSV file, it is best to organize your contact fields (first name, email, phone, etc.) by column, and include column headers. 

Exporting customer data (web app)

  • Start by going to Customers, then click the hamburger menu next to the search field. Choose Export customers.
  • Then, Setmore will export a CSV file of your customer data to your account owner's email address.
  • Lastly, check your email inbox for the message from Setmore. In the email, follow the instructions to download your CSV file.

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