Use Zoom to host your online meetings? Start scheduling your Zoom meetings with customers on Setmore. The Setmore-Zoom integration allows you to automatically add Zoom meetings to 1:1 appointments and classes. Meet customers online, host a webinar, workshop, video conferences, and much more.

Integration Notes:

  • The Zoom integration lets you assign one Zoom User ID to a Staff profile.

  • Only the admin of the Zoom account/ user with the admin privilege can authorize the integration.

  • Your staff member and customers must have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer/mobile device to join a meeting.

  • This integration is currently available on the web app only.

Activating the Zoom integration

Log into your Setmore account and go to Apps & Integration > Zoom.

Click the Activate button on the left side of the integration window.

Enter the username and password of your Zoom account and click the Sign In button.

Provide Setmore the permission to automatically create and add Zoom meetings to your appointments.

Click the Assign Zoom User to Assign the Zoom User ID to the corresponding Setmore staff profile.

Choose from the existing Zoom User IDs that are available in your Zoom account.

Next, you will be prompted to choose the services and classes that should be video meeting enabled. Click the Finish button to save changes.

The Zoom integration will be activated and a Zoom meeting will be created when a video-enabled service/class is booked.

When an appointment/class is created, an email notification containing the Zoom meeting link will be sent to both the staff member and the customer.

The Zoom meeting link can also be accessed by going to the Setmore calendar and clicking the appointment to view its details.

Adding/Removing the Zoom meeting

Removing the Zoom meeting for an appointment/class: Go to your Setmore calendar and click it to view its details. Click Edit Appointment and then click Remove next to the video meeting link.

Disabling Zoom meetings for services/classes: Go to Apps & Integrations > Zoom and choose Manage Integration. You can choose services and classes that should have a Zoom meeting added to them.

Deactivating the Zoom integration

Go to Apps & Integrations > Zoom. This will open the Zoom integration card. Click the Deactivate button to deactivate the integration.

This will not add Zoom meetings to appointments and classes booked. Zoom meeting links for previously booked video meetings /classes will also be removed.

Need Help?

If you require further assistance in setting up the Zoom integration, you can contact Setmore support by sending an email to or by calling us at +1 (877) 989-7413 or by starting a chat from inside the Setmore app. Our support team will respond within 5-10 minutes.

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