Export payment details from your appointments to your QuickBooks account

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The QuickBooks integration enables you to connect your Setmore account to QuickBooks for a streamlined bookkeeping practice. After receiving the service fee for an appointment, Setmore sends these payment details to your QuickBooks target list.

This applies to both cash and card transactions made in Setmore. The integration also takes into account any payments made by your customers from your online Booking Page.

Note: The Setmore-QuickBooks integration can only be activated with the QuickBooks Online plan. It cannot be activated with the QuickBooks Self-Employed plan. Learn more >

Activating the integration

1. From inside your Setmore account, click Integrations. Scroll down and click on the QuickBooks integration card.

2. In the QuickBooks integration details window, click the Connect button on the left.

3. First, select Invoice as your trigger.

4. In the QuickBooks Authorization window, click the +Connect button to proceed with the integration setup.

5. In the QuickBooks integration login window, enter the username and password of your QuickBooks account. Click the Sign In button to continue.

6. Next you will choose your Action, select Invoice.

7. Map the contact fields by choosing which Setmore payment attributes will transfer into their corresponding QuickBooks invoice card attributes. After mapping, click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

8. Test the target that you have set up in QuickBooks. This will confirm if the fields between Setmore and QuickBooks are mapped correctly.

9. A pop-up window will appear in Setmore that confirms the integration is activated🎉

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