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This integration, once activated, will automatically export any new customer contacts created in your Setmore account to your Salesforce account. This functionality works if you create a new customer manually in your Setmore dashboard, or if a customer creates their own entry through your Booking Page.

Note: that this is a one-way integration. New customer contact information will export from Setmore to Salesforce, but new contacts created in Salesforce will not import into Setmore.

This integration does not support the Enterprise version of Salesforce.

Connecting Setmore to your Salesforce account

1. In Setmore, navigate to Integrations, then scroll down and click on the Salesforce integration card.

2. Click the Connect button in the left-hand column of the Salesforce details window.

3. First, you will select a Trigger. In this instance, you will choose Contacts.

4. You'll be prompted to enter your Salesforce login information to continue.

5. In the next window, click Allow to allow access to your Salesforce account through Setmore.

6. You will return to your Setmore account to continue the next steps. For your Action, click Contact and Continue.

6. Map the contact fields by choosing which Setmore will transfer into your corresponding Salesforce account. After mapping, click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

7. You will have the opportunity to test the integration.

8. The integration is now activated🎉

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