This integration lets you transfer newly added customer contacts from Setmore to Zoho. It works whenever a new customer contact is added to your contact list from the Setmore calendar, contacts tab, or when a customer books an appointment through the booking page.

There’s also a two way integration that transfers newly added Zoho contacts to your Setmore contacts.

Linking Setmore and Zoho CRM

1. From inside your Setmore account, click Apps & Integrations. Scroll down and click on the Zoho CRM integration card.

The Zoho Integration card under Apps & Integrations

2. In the Zoho CRM integration details window, click the Activate button on the left.

Activating the Setmore-Zoho integration

Finalizing the Integration

3. Choose the Target list to which the Setmore contacts will be exported. 

Connecting Setmore with Zoho CRM

Right here, you can choose to activate the Two-way Sync by clicking the checkbox.

Specifying the Action that takes place in Zoho CRM

4. In the setup window, map the contact fields of Setmore to match those of Zoho, and vice versa, and then click Continue.

One-way (Setmore to Zoho)

Mapping the contact fields for the Setmore - Zoho integration

Two-way (Zoho to Setmore)

Mapping the field for the Setmore-Zoho two-way integration

5. On the “Test Integration” page, click the Test button to check if the contact fields have mapped correctly.

Testing the Setmore-Zoho integration

7. You will see a message that reads “Zoho CRM Successfully Activated,” indicating that the integration was successful.

The Setmore-Zoho CRM integration success pop-up message

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