Automatically export customer contacts from Setmore to Serviceminder

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This integration once enabled lets you seamlessly transfer your Setmore customer listing to the contacts list on Serviceminder. After activation, new customer contacts created in your Setmore account will be pushed automatically to your Serviceminder target list.

This integration exports any customer contact added to your account from the Setmore Booking Page, the admin calendar, and any other Booking Page integration.

Connect Setmore and Serviceminder

  1. Navigate to Integrations, then scroll down and click on the Serviceminder integration card, and click Connect.

  2. Paste the API key from Serviceminder, and then click Continue. See the instructions below to learn where you can obtain your Serviceminder API key.

Get your Serviceminder API key🔑

Log in to your Serviceminder account, and navigate to Administration > Control Panel > API Keys, and copy the API key.

Completing the integration

1. Choose the target list in Serviceminder where Setmore contacts will be exported to, and click Continue.

2. Map the Serviceminder fields to those of Setmore and then click continue.

3. Click Test in the Test Integration page to confirm if the target mapping was successful.

4. A “Test Success” message will appear, confirming successful activation of the integration. You will be able to see results of the Test sync, and then click Finish. A pop-up window will appear in Setmore that confirms the integration is activated.

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