Setmore provides you with two different options for viewing all of your team member’s schedules in the Calendar tab. You can choose between “tabbed” view, which shows all team members as clickable tabs (like stacking file folders), or “drop-down” view, which allows you to select and view one staff member’s calendar at a time from a drop-down menu.

The different options are purely cosmetic in nature and won’t affect the manner in which you create or reschedule appointments between staff members. So just go with whichever option looks the best, or provides the most utility for you!

Tabbed view

This view allows you to quickly swap between staff member calendars, and takes the least amount of clicks. However, if you have several staff (more than 5 or 6), you may find that the number of tabs to manage becomes unwieldy.

Drop-down view

Drop-down view simplifies things by consolidated all your staff members into a single drop-down list, and removes the staff tabs that would otherwise take up a half-inch of screen space. So you’ll see more calendar this way, and if you have several (more than 5 or 6) staff members, it will probably be easier to navigate between all of them (although it won’t be as quick as tabbed view).

Selecting between tabbed and drop-down view

From your calendar pane, simply click the gear icon in the top-right corner and choose which view you prefer. Easy peasy - you may now consider yourself the go-to expert when it comes to tabs and drop-down menus.

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