There are a handful of customization options for your customer-facing Booking Page to help you make it your own. In addition to some critical changes, like being able to set your own language, you can also disable certain subpages, such as the "About Us" page. We'll walk through each of the options below.

All of these features can be access under the Apps & Integrations tab, then under where it says Your Booking Page, click the "Configure" button. Then in the Booking Page window, click on the Customization tab.

Setting your Booking Page language

1. Scroll to the Preferred Language section. Use the dropdown menu to select your preferred language. Setmore supports dozens of international languages.

Remove subpages from your Booking Page

By default, Setmore comes with a few subpages that appear in the left-hand navigation menu of your Booking Page. However, if you so choose, you can disable any of these options.

1. Scroll to the Turn Subpages On/Off section. Click the checkmark next to each subpage to turn it off or on.

Change time format between a 12 or 24-hour clock

The 12 hour clock will show times in am/pm format, so for example, 6 o'clock in the evening would display as 6:00 PM. In the 24-hour clock model, this time will show as 18:00.

1. Scroll to the Time Format section and use the dropdown menu to switch between a 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

Customize the tabs seen when booking an appointment

As customers go through the process of booking an appointment, they'll be ushered through a workflow to pick a service, a provider, a time, and so on. While you cannot change these core steps, you can re-name them to better suit your business.

1. Scroll to the Customize Labels section. Click any of the form fields provided to enter an alternate label, then click outside the form field to save your changes. In this example, we'll change "Provider" to "Consultant."

2. Open your Booking Page in a new tab. You'll see that Provider now displays as Consultant.

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