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Enable virtual legal receptionists to book appointments on behalf of your clients.

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With the Setmore-LEX integration, 24/7 legal receptionists answer your calls, qualify leads, and schedule appointments for you. Simply share your calendar and grant LEX agents access to your real-time availability.

You decide whether LEX Reception handles your phones after-hours, during busy periods, or around-the-clock. Not only that, your virtual reception team engages callers according to your custom script.

Connect your Setmore and LEX accounts

  1. Create your LEX Reception account online or call 1-800-800-9995.


2. Once you've signed up, ask your representative about Setmore as a partnered scheduling solution.

Note: If you have a Setmore account, request for it to be linked with LEX. If you need to sign up to Setmore, your rep can start you on Free or Pro.

When an appointment is booked through Setmore, your calendar updates instantly. You and your client also receive automatic email confirmations and reminders.

What are you waiting for? Never miss a call and convert more prospects with Setmore and LEX📞

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