When customers schedule an appointment through your Booking Page, they'll fill out a short intake form that helps translate their contact information into your Setmore account. You can show, hide, edit, and make mandatory each of these fields to match your preferences. Please note that the "Name" field is set by default, cannot be modified, and will always be required.

Show or hide your contact fields

1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations. Under where it says Your Booking Page, click the "Configure" button.

2. Click the "Booking Policies" tab and scroll down to the area labeled "Contact fields." Click the title for each field to show or hide the field. A checkmark will appear next to a field that is activated, whereas a field that is hidden will be greyed out.

Require a contact field

1. To make a field required, check the "Required" box next to that field's label.

Add or delete a custom contact field

1. To add a custom contact field, simply enter a new label in the form field provided and click the plus sign (+) button. The field will be created and added to your intake form automatically.

2. To delete a custom contact field, click the trash can icon next to the field and confirm to delete.

3. New contact fields will appear in your customer intake form under the "Additional Information" subheading.

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