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Quick 1-2 word annotations on appointments in your calendar

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In Setmore you can use appointment labels to indicate the status of an appointment. You can choose between Pending, Confirmed, Done, No-Show, Paid, Running Late, or your own custom option. Labels are just visual cues to help you annotate and visually sort the appointments on your calendar.


  • Your customers will not see labels that you add to their appointments. Labels are only viewable to you and team members who have access to your calendar.

  • Labels affixed to appointments will automatically sync between the Setmore mobile app and the Setmore web app.

Adding a label in the web app💻

In the Setmore web app, labels are visible within the appointment blocks on your calendar, and when you click to open the Appointment Details menu.

  • Start by clicking on an appointment in your calendar.

  • Next, use the Label dropdown menu on the top right of the pop-up to select a label.

  • After selecting your chosen label, click Save.

  • Your label will appear on your appointment in your calendar.

Adding a label to an appointment in the mobile app📱

Appointment labels in the mobile app are only visible in the Appointment Details screen, in the Label row. You will have to bring up the Details menu in order to see any labels you have affixed to an appointment.

  • Start by tapping an appointment to bring up the details menu.

  • Next, tap Add Label, or tap the Label row.

  • Lastly, select the label you want, and then tap Save in the top right corner, and tap Save again in the Appointment Details screen to save your changes.

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