The 2-way Office 365 calendar sync will automatically export your Setmore appointments to your Office 365 calendar, and import your Office 365 events into your Setmore calendar. This handy feature makes it easier to consolidate all your personal and professional engagements in one place for quick reference. Please note that you must have a Setmore Pro or Team account in order to activate a 2-way calendar sync.

  • The 2-way Office sync will export Setmore appointments and recurring appointments to Office. It will not sync class sessions or slot blockers into Office.

  • The sync will import regular events and 24-hour events, but not recurring events or multi-day events into Setmore. 

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Activating the 2-way sync

1. Navigate to Settings > Staff and select the staff member whose calendar you want to sync.

Staff details in Setmore under Settings > Staff

2. In the main viewing area, scroll down to the option titled "Office 365 Sync." Click the On/Off switch to the "On" position.

The Office 365 sync switch

3. A new window will appear and prompt you to sign in with your Office 365 username and password. Log in to continue; you may be prompted to authorize access for your Setmore account.

Logging in to your Office 365 account

4. Next, select which Office 365 calendar associated with your account (if you have multiple) that you would like to Sync with Setmore. Click the "Activate Sync" button to complete synchronization.

Choosing the Office 365 calendar to sync with
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Frequently Asked Questions

For what date range will the sync import/export data?
Once activated, the sync will import/export all eligible appointments and events for the past 1 months and up to 2 years into the future, from the current date.

Can you edit Office events from Setmore and vice versa?
You cannot edit but you can delete Office events from your Setmore calendar. On your Office calendar, you can reschedule Setmore appointments.

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