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2-Way Office 365 Calendar sync
2-Way Office 365 Calendar sync

Import/export appointments and events from Setmore to Office 365

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This sync automatically exports Setmore appointment details into Office 365 Calendar, and imports Office 365 events into your Setmore calendar. Get a full-view of your schedule on either calendar and reduce double-booking.

This 2-way sync exports Setmore appointments and recurring appointments to Office 365 Calendar. It will not sync class sessions or Setmore events.

This 2-way sync imports regular events and 24-hour events, but not recurring events or multi-day events from Office 365 Calendar.

Activate 2-way Office 365 sync (Web).

1. Go to Settings > Your team and select your staff profile.

2. Select ‘Calendar’ and next to ‘Office 365’, click ‘Connect’.


3. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Office 365 credentials, so Setmore can share data.

4. Select the calendar to sync with Setmore (if you have multiple associated with your Office 365 account).


5. Click the ‘Activate sync’ button to complete.


Activate 2-way Office 365 sync (Mobile).

  1. Go to Settings > Your team.

  2. Tap your profile and select 'Calendar'.

  3. Tap 'Connect' next to Google Calendar.

  4. Enter your credentials.

  5. Accept the terms to allow Setmore access.

  6. Choose a calendar from the dropdown menu (if you have more than one) and click 'Sync' to confirm.

Your account will now be synced with Setmore, showing your Office 365 events.

Frequently asked questions.

For what date range will data import/export?

When activated, this sync imports/exports all eligible appointments and events for the past month and up to 2 years ahead.

Can Office 365 events be edited in Setmore?

Office 365 events can’t be edited in Setmore but you can delete them from your Setmore calendar. Setmore appointments can be rescheduled in Office 365 Calendar.

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