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Export Appointment History
Export Appointment History

Download a basic report of your appointments over a specified date range

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Appointment data is stored in Setmore from your very first booking. The ‘Reports’ feature enables you to view this information and filter it by timeframe, a specific service or a specific team member. You can also download a .XLS file of data for recordkeeping or further analysis.

Note: You can only generate reports in the browser version of Setmore. ‘Reports’ is not currently available in the mobile app for iOS and Android.

View your appointment history

  1. Log into the Setmore web app at

  2. Go to Settings > Booking Page > Reports.

3. Use the dropdown menus to specify a date range or to filter results by services, classes or staff.

4. Click Generate to view relevant appointment data (it may take a few moments to load).

5. Lastly, click the Export as .XLS button to download a spreadsheet of your data.


  • You can use the column headers to sort your data e.g. in ascending or descending order.

  • Use the column headers to sort your data by ascending or descending order.

  • For best results, limit your date range to no more than 3 months at a time.

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