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Export new Setmore contacts to Insightly

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This integration lets you transfer newly added customer contacts from Setmore to Insightly. It works whenever a new customer contact is added to your contact list from the Setmore calendar, contacts tab, or when a customer books an appointment through the booking page.

For best results, you'll want to make sure that the Insightly contact fields match the contact fields in Setmore.

When activated, this integration will automatically export all new customer contacts to Insightly.

Connect your Setmore account to Insightly

1. In Setmore, navigate to Integrations, then scroll down and click on the Insightly integration card. In the Insightly details window, click Connect. In the next prompt, you’ll need to provide the Insightly API key.

2. Log in to your Insightly account and navigate to Profile > User Settings > API Key.

3. Copy and paste the API Key in the Setmore integration window, and click continue.

4. Select 'Contacts', then select continue.

5. Choose the account you would like to transfer the data to:

6. Once, you've selected the desired account, simply click 'Create or Update Contact'

7. On the “Test Integration” page, click the Test button to check if the contact fields have mapped correctly.

8. You will see a message that reads “Insightly Successfully Activated,” indicating that the integration was successful. All new customer contacts created henceforth will be automatically exported to Insightly.

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