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Staff Booking Page URL
Staff Booking Page URL

Share direct links for customers to book appointments with particular staff members

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Staff Booking Page URLs allow customers to book directly with specific members of staff.

Each staff profile in your Setmore account has its own Booking Page. This lists the staff member's services, classes, and availability. Staff Booking Pages have individual URLs, making them easy to share.

Follow the steps below to set up a Staff Booking Page and customize its URL.

Generating a Staff Booking Page URL

  1. Go to Settings > My Team and select a staff member.

2. Next to the ‘Booking link’ button, click ‘Generate link’.


  • To direct customers to self-book with a particular member of staff, you must first generate their Staff Booking Page URL.

  • Staff Booking Page URLs are typically structured as your followed by/staff name.

  • Click the 'Copy' icon to copy the Staff Booking Page URL to your clipboard and share this link.

  • When visiting a Staff Booking Page, the staff member is pre-selected and their services are listed.

  • Your audience is able to view a specific staff member’s availability. This is invaluable for medical offices; as patients can schedule appointments with particular specialists, salons; loyal clients can book blowouts with their favorite stylist, and more.

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