Staff Booking Page URLs allow customers to book directly with a specific member of staff.

Each staff profile in your Setmore account has its own Booking Page, which lists their services/classes and availability. Staff Booking Pages have individual URLs, making them easy to share with customers.

Follow the steps below to set up a Staff Booking Page and customize its URL. There are instructions for both the Setmore web app and Setmore mobile app.

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Generating the Staff Booking Page URL (Web App)

  • Go to Settings > Staff and choose a staff member.

setmore web app staff booking url
  • Find the ‘Staff Booking Page’ link mid-way down the page.

  • Click the ‘Generate’ button to create a Staff Booking Page for that staff member.

Pro Tip: You must generate the Staff Booking Page URL before you can direct customers to a particular member of staff to self-book.

setmore web app staff booking page url generate
  • By default, the Staff Booking Page will contain the name of the staff member.

  • You can edit this URL by clicking the 'Edit' icon.

  • Click the 'Copy' icon to copy the Staff Booking Page URL to your clipboard and share this link.

When you visit the Staff Booking Page URL that is generated, you will see that the staff member is always pre-selected, and only their services are listed.

This enables customers to only view a specific staff member’s schedule and availability.

Generating the Staff Booking Page URL (Mobile App)

You can also generate a direct Staff Booking Page URL via the Setmore mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Tap ‘Account’ then ‘Staff’ to access a list of your staff members.

setmore mobile app staff settings
  • Tap a specific staff member’s name to access their profile details.

setmore mobile app staff profiles
  • Tap 'Staff Booking Page'.

setmore mobile app staff profile
  • If you have not created a Booking Page URL, you will see a pop-up notification alerting you to create one for this staff member. Tap the ‘Generate URL' button.

setmore mobile app create booking page url

Note: The URL for your staff member is typically structured as your followed by /staffname.

  • To share a specific staff member’s URL, navigate to their profile and tap the newly generated link. Share via your favorite apps or copy it to your clipboard to paste manually.

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