Each staff profile in your Setmore account has their own Booking Page, which lists the services and availability for that staff member only. This makes it easier to share a specific team member's Booking Page with a client.

Note: The staff Booking Page URL is only accessible from the Setmore web app, and not the mobile app.

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Generating the Staff Booking Page URL (Web App)

  • Start by going to Settings > Staff and choose a staff member.
  • Next, find the Staff Booking Page link about mid-way down the page.
  • Click the Generate button to create a Staff Booking Page for that staff member.
The Staff Booking Page URL in the Staff Details menu
  • By default, the Staff Booking Page will contain the name of the staff member. However, if you wish to change that, click the edit icon next to the link to modify the Booking Page Link.
Editing a Staff Booking Page URL
  • Enter your preferred Booking Page URL and click anywhere outside the field to save the changes.
Entering a new Staff Booking Page URL
  • Click the Copy icon to copy the Staff Booking Page URL to your clipboard and share this link.
Copying the Staff Booking Page URL

When you visit the staff Booking Page URL, you will see that the staff member is always pre-selected, and the page only lists the services provided by that team member.

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