With Setmore Pro, you can automatically send customized text (or SMS) reminders before appointments. This article runs through how to activate reminders, customize content and set a lead time.

  • As of Feb 10 2021, text reminders for class appointments are available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

  • For a single appointment, the customer receives only one text reminder. For classes, each attendee also receives only one reminder per session.

  • Texts may not achieve 100% send rates in all countries. See below for instructions on how to test your text reminders.

Article contents

  • Activating text reminders

  • Setting the lead time

  • Customizing your text reminders

  • Testing your text reminders

  • Verifying whether a reminder was sent

Activating text reminders

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer and scroll down to the 'Appointment Reminders' section. Next to 'Text', flip the switch on.

2. Text reminders will now be sent to your customers using the default message template. They will be sent at the default lead time (under 'Reminder Lead Time') before an appointment is scheduled.

Note: Your customers must have a valid phone number in their customer profile to receive text reminders.

Setting the text reminder lead time

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer and scroll down to the 'Reminder Lead Time' section. Here you can use dropdown menus to specify how far ahead of appointments a text should be sent. You can select a lead time of up to 30 days.

Customizing your text reminders

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customization and scroll down to the 'SMS Notification' section. Here you can enter a custom message for your text reminders.

2. The editor provides variable fields that will automatically pull in appointment information. Click anywhere outside of the form field to save changes.

Testing – Send yourself a text reminder

Text reminders are not supported in all countries. In some, send rates can vary based on local cellular providers. To test your text reminders using Setmore, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer and scroll down to 'Appointment Reminders'. Make sure that text reminders are activated and click the 'Test SMS' link.

2. Enter your country code and phone number in the form fields provided. Then, click the 'Send' button. Within a few minutes, you should receive a generic text message from Setmore.

3. Haven't received a text? That could mean text messaging isn't supported in your country or cellular coverage cannot guarantee a 100% send rate.

For more information about sending text reminders in your country, email help@setmore.com.

Verifying whether a text reminder was sent

If you have text reminders enabled, you can check if one was sent for a specific appointment. To do this, open your calendar and click the appointment.

In the Appointment Details pop-up, you'll see 'SMS status'. This indicates if a text reminder was successfully sent, failed to send, or if the customer opted out of receiving text reminders.

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