Set Currency in the Mobile App

Learn how to display your local currency in your Setmore mobile app.

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When creating your Setmore account, the currency that you set will become your default currency.

This currency will be displayed alongside services on your Setmore calendar, on your Booking Page, and in email reminders or notifications for customers or staff.

If you'd like to change your currency via the Setmore iOS or Android app, follow the steps below.

Change your account's currency in the mobile app

1. In the bottom navigation menu, tap Account.

2. In the Settings menu, select Company Details.

3. Scroll down and tap Currency.

4. Select your preferred currency from the list.

6. After your selection you will be taken back to your business details page.

7. Tap Done in the top right corner of your app to update your details. This ensures that changes are saved to your company profile.

To change your currency at any time, simply re-follow the steps above.

Note: When a customer visits your Booking Page, they will view prices in the currency you have selected, regardless of their location.

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