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Schedule your Freshdesk customer bookings on Setmore
Schedule your Freshdesk customer bookings on Setmore

Enable agents to schedule meetings without leaving Freshdesk.

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By connecting your Setmore and Freshdesk accounts, you reduce the time it takes to book customer appointments. Your helpdesk team can view your real-time availability and confirm bookings in minutes.

Customer and appointment details are centralized to create more meaningful conversations. Google Meet or Zoom meeting links can be added to bookings for simplified online meetings.

Set up appointment booking on Freshdesk

1. Open Freshdesk and go to Settings > Apps. Search for ‘Setmore’ in the Marketplace and install the plugin.

2. In the left-side navigation bar of your Freshdesk dashboard, go to Admin > Support Operations > Apps > Get More Apps.

3. Search for Setmore. Click it and an authorization screen will appear.

4. Click the Install button and the Setmore Sign-In screen will display.

4. Sign in to your Setmore account and you’ll be redirected to Freshdesk again. The Setmore logo should be visible in your Freshdesk left navigation.

Your Booking Page is now connected to Freshdesk. You can start scheduling appointments straight from your dashboard!

How to book appointments inside Freshdesk

Your helpdesk agents will spot the Setmore plugin on the left side of their Freshdesk dashboard. When clicked, your Booking Page will appear in the frame.

Agents can then select a service, the service provider, and an appointment time on behalf of your customer. These appointments will appear instantly in the service provider’s Setmore calendar.

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