The Setmore Freshsales integration helps you link your Setmore customer listing with your CRM easily. Once activated, new customer contacts created in your Setmore account will be pushed automatically to your Freshsales target list. This integration exports any customer contact added to your account from the Setmore Booking page, the admin calendar and any other Booking Page integration.

Connect Setmore and Freshsales 

1. From inside your Setmore account, click Apps & Integrations. Scroll down and click on the Freshsales CRM integration card.

2. In the Freshsales CRM integration window, click the Activate button on the left.

3. In the Freshsales authorization window, enter your Freshsales API key and the sub domain name, then choose Continue.

Obtaining the Freshsales API key

Login to your Freshsales account, click on your profile picture and choose Profile Settings.

Click on the API Settings tab to view the API key. Copy and paste this key in the Freshsales authorization window in Setmore.

Completing the Integration

4. After entering the API key, choose the Freshsales target list where customer contacts will be exported.

5. Next, map the contact fields by choosing which Setmore contact attributes will  transfer into their corresponding Freshsales contact attributes. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

6. Test the target that has been set up to verify that the contact fields of Setmore and Freshsales are properly mapped.

 7. Successful mapping will activate the integration and a confirmation pop-up message will appear in Setmore.

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