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Track visitor activity on your Booking Page with tags

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Setmore lets you add Google tags to your Booking Page that will help you understand how visitors interact with your Booking Page. You will get insights on page views, scrolling activity, page loads, clicks, and even the time spent on the page. To start, you will need a Google account to create tags.

Creating an account on Tag Manager

1. Log in to Google Tag Manager here: with the username and password of your Google account. Click the Create Account Button.

2. As part of creating a new account and setting up a container, fill out all the form fields and click the Create button.

3. Accept Google’s Terms of Service Agreement to proceed.

4. The container will be created and the Container ID will appear. Copy this string.

Adding your Container ID to your Booking Page

  1. Open a new browser window and launch Setmore. Go to Integrations and scroll through the integrations to find the Google Tag Manager integration card. Click the card to view its details.

2. Paste the Container ID in the form field and click ‘Save’. This will link your Google Tag Manager container to your Booking Page.

On your Google Tag Manager account, when you create new tags in the container linked to your Setmore account, these tags will be added automatically to your Booking Page and will start tracking the interactions.

Once you accumulate enough data, you will be able to update staff listing, descriptions, and images on your Booking Page to offer a better experience to visitors and get more appointments booked.

Not familiar with Google Tag Manager? Learn how it works here >

Disconnecting Google Tag Manager

To disconnect Google Tag Manager, go to Integrations > Google Tag Manager integration card. Remove the Container ID from the form field and click ‘Save’. This will pause tracking.

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