Setmore lets you plug a Google Analytics tracking code on your Booking Page so you can accurately measure visitor and customer behavior online. You'll be able to see statistics like time-on-site, bounce rate, the number of visitors your Booking Page gets, among other useful stats. Setting up analytics is simple, but you will need a Google account (if you use Gmail then you're covered) to continue.

Create a Google Analytics web property

1. Log in with your Google account, then go to Google Analytics here: Click the "Sign up" button.

2. As part of creating a new account, you'll add your first web property. Fill out all the form fields, and where it prompts you for your Website URL, enter your Booking Page URL.

3. When all your form fields are filled out, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the "Get Tracking ID" button.

4. On the next screen, you'll be provided a Tracking ID. Select and copy this entire string of numbers and letters.

Add your Tracking ID to your Setmore Booking Page

1. Do you have your Tracking ID copied? Good. Now open Setmore in a new browser tab. Navigate to Apps & Integrations, then scroll through Integrations to find the Google Analytics card. Click the card to bring up the details window.

2. In the Instructions section, find the form field and paste your Tracking ID here. Click anywhere outside the form field to save your changes.

3. Your analytics is now up and running. As usage data accumulates on your Booking Page, you will be able to access reports through your Google Analytics account.

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