Creating your Zaps involves a few short steps. First, you'll enable Setmore as a connected app within your Zapier account. Then you'll define a Trigger app, an Action app, and finally you'll activate the Zap. 

Add Setmore to your connected apps in Zapier

1. In your Zapier account, click the My Apps tab and do a search for "Setmore." The Setmore Appointments platform should appear in the results field; click the Setmore icon to continue.

2. On the Setmore page, scroll down to the "App Details for Current Selections" area and click the + Connect Account button.

3. You'll be prompted to enter your Setmore account credentials. Enter your username and password to continue. Once finished, Setmore will be available for zaps. You can verify this by clicking the "Connected Accounts" tab in the top navigation.

Create a Zap using Setmore

  1. Click the "Make a Zap!" button at the top of your account window.

1st Part – Define a Trigger

2.Select the app that will start the action. In this example, we're using Google Contacts.

3. Now specify what the actual trigger is – in this case, the trigger action will occur anytime a new contact is added to Google contacts.

4. Zapier will prompt you to test connectivity with the app. Follow the prompts until all tests are cleared and you may continue.

2nd Part – Define an Action

5. Select the app that will execute the resulting action. In this example, this is where Setmore comes into play.

6. Much like the first part, choose the specific action that will take place within Setmore. In this case, the action is that a new contact will be created.

7. Zapier will then prompt you to define correlation data fields between your trigger app and your action app. Use the form fields provided to match up data such as First Name, Phone, Email, and so on.

8. After testing connectivity within the app, your Zap will then be ready to activate. Click the "TURN ZAP ON" button to complete activation. 

Zapier runs an update cycle every 15 minutes

Now when we create a new Google Contact, the contact's information will automatically import into Setmore as a new customer contact. New data will rollover every 15 minutes. 

Import Appointments 

Triggers in your Zap can now be configured to include events in addition to contacts. This means that you can create a trigger that creates an appointment in your Setmore calendar each time an event is created in your personal calendar. 

How it works

1. When you specify the trigger, you can choose the trigger action to be a new event.

2. While defining the action, choose the specific action that takes place when the trigger occurs. Here, the action is that a new appointment will be created. 

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