Customer Reviews

SetMore has rolled out a new feature, called “Reviews”. This feature enables your customers to add comments about your product or services along with ratings on your booking page. This will hugely help your business to get populated and known amongst the masses. Plus, you will have the absolute control of comments visibility on your booking page.

Let’s see how it works:

  • Login to your SetMore account and navigate to the “Profile” tab.

  • Under Profile, Click Reviews and turn it on.

  • This selection activates the Review section on your booking page.

  • Your customers can now post comments about your products and services by clicking on Write a Review.

The best part of this feature is that it lets you remain in full control of what reviews are to be showing your booking page. You can approve, remove or hide these reviews.

Let’s have a look at the “Review” tab:

Pending Reviews: You will be notified when someone posts a review on your booking page.

Pending Reviews displays the reviews that are posted by your customers but kept on standby for your approval.

You can approve, hide or delete review in this tab.

Once you approve the reviews, they will start showing up in your booking page under the “Review” tab.

Published Reviews:  Exhibits the reviews approved by you.

You can hide or delete a review in this tab.

Hidden Reviews: This tab displays the reviews that you have marked as hidden.

You can either publish or delete these reviews.

Most of the customers give utmost importance to public reviews. In fact, product review is one of the deciding factors for the customers to choose or discard a product. Good or bad, these reviews will give you a little but important insights of how your business is doing and in what areas you need to work on.