Google Calendar Sync (Two-Way)

If you use Google Calendar to keep up with daily schedules, it would be a good idea to setup Google Calendar sync with Setmore. When you enable two-way sync with Google Calendar, you can see all your appointment schedules on Google Calendar and Google events in your Setmore calendar. This enables you to consolidate all your schedules in one place.

The two-way sync is a premium feature. For those of you who don’t have a Setmore Premium account, you can upgrade to a premium account or you can use the Google calendar one-way sync available in the free version of Setmore.

Check your timezones first

Before you set up two-way sync with Google Calendar, you need to ensure that your time zone setting is uniform. To clarify, you must use the same time zone settings with Setmore and Google Calendar.

1.   Log in to your Google Calendar account and click the small gear button in the top right corner. Next, select “Settings”.

2. In the Calendar Settings page, choose your correct time zone and save the changes.

3. From inside your Setmore account, click the Apps & Integrations icon and click the Configure button.

4. Choose Business Hours and ensure that Setmore and Google Calendar are configured to the same time zone.

Set up two-way sync with Google Calendar

1. Inside your Setmore account, click the Settings icon (gear) and choose Staff. Select the staff member whose appointments you want to sync with your Google Calendar account.

2. Scroll down and click the switch button next to Google Sync.

3. This will open an authorization window. Ensure that you are signing in using the same Google account that you want to sync calendars with. Click the Allow button.

4. Choose the preferred calendar from the drop down menu (if you have more than one calendar attached to your Google account).

5. Click " Done". Now the Google Sync button will be turned "ON" and the Google two-way sync is now activated.

All your Google events will be visible in your Setmore calendar and your Setmore appointments and schedules will be listed in your Google calendar. To re-schedule appointments from Google calendar, all you need to do is drag an appointment schedule and drop it to its new time slot. The changes will be synced to your Setmore appointment calendar in a minute.

NOTE: After activating the Google Calendar two-way sync, only future appointments will be synced. Past appointments will not be synced.