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Change the Service Order
Change the Service Order

Adjust the order in which services appear on your Booking Page

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As you add more services to your Setmore account, they'll stack in place according to the order in which you add them. However, you can easily drag-and-drop services to change their order.

This order will reflect how services are displayed on your Booking Page.

Note: Currently there's no way to change service orders from the Setmore mobile app. You can log into the Setmore web app at to change your service order.

Move services up or down

  • Start by going to Settings > Services. Here, you will find your services in their categories.

Note: Service Categories take precedence over your service order when displaying services on the Booking Page, but the order of services within a Service Category still counts.

  • Click and hold down on the service you would like to move. Drag and drop the service into a new position. Changes will take effect immediately.

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