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Customer Deposits
Customer Deposits

Require customers to pay a portion of the total cost of a service when booking it

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With Setmore’s payment integrations, you can make deposits mandatory when customers self-schedule using your Booking Page. Typically, service providers process any remainders of payment through their Setmore calendar, after appointments take place.

Please note that you must have either the Square or Stripe integration activated in order to do this💰

Take deposits from your Booking Page.

1. Navigate to Settings > Payments > Booking Page payments.

2. Next to Accept payments on my Booking Page and flip the ‘On/Off’ switch on.

3. Click the Add Charges or Reduction button. Then, Create charge or reduction menu will appear.

4. For Type, select Reduction. For name, enter Deposit as your preferred name. Keep in mind that what you enter here will be visible to customers.

5. For Apply as, select Percentage and specify the deposit percentage. This percentage is applied as a reduction to the overall cost of the service. If you require a 20% deposit, enter a reduction of 80%. Click Save changes when complete.

What this looks like on your Booking Page✨

Your customers will be prompted to pay for their selected service, minus the percentage you specified. The full price of the service is visible but the amount required upon booking is effectively the deposit amount.

Taking the remainder of the payment using your calendar.

1. Open your Setmore calendar and select the relevant appointment. Click Edit Appointment.

2. Click either the Payment tab at the top of the frame or the Pay now button. Both of these lead to the next step.

3. In Payment History, you’ll see that a deposit has already been paid. To process a second payment, click New Payment.

4. Enter the transaction details but be sure to reduce the total cost by the amount already paid. You can do this by manually entering a new amount by selecting Add More or applying a new discount. When complete, click the Charge Customer button.

5. Payment History will now show both payments made to cover the total service cost. do this.

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