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Switch between Monthly and Annual Team Plans
Switch between Monthly and Annual Team Plans

Change your billing cycle if you're already a Pro user

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Setmore offers numerous plans while giving you the flexibility to switch plans at your convenience. You can downgrade to the free plan, or upgrade to Pro at any time from within your Setmore account.

Submit a request to switch plans

If you subscribe to one of our Pro plans and would like to switch from monthly to annual or vice versa, please send an email to requesting the change. 

If you manually downgrade your account to re-upgrade to another Pro plan, your Pro settings will reset to their default settings. For this reason, we'd prefer it if you emailed us so we can handle the transition on the backend.

How switching plans affects your billing cycle

If you switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you'll stay on the monthly plan until the end of your current billing cycle (determined when you first signed up for Pro) and then promptly be switched over to an annual billing cycle. 

If you switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan, you'll stay on the annual plan until the billing cycle elapses, at which point the monthly plan will kick in. 

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