Accept Payments for Classes from the Booking Page

With Setmore you can schedule class or group sessions for multiple participants in the same timeslot. This is useful if you’re hosting multiple customers and need an easy way to track, ensure payment, and send out reminders to all the attendees. Before we get started, make sure you understand the basics of setting up a class appointment by reviewing the support article here. If you’ve already got a good grasp of the essentials, then continue with this article to learn how to set up taking payments for classes from the booking page, using PayPal.


  • Note that in order to use this integration, you must have a Setmore Premium account and have PayPal activated in Setmore. Review the following support articles for information on how to upgrade your Setmore account to a Premium subscription, and how to activate the PayPal integration.
  • Next, make sure that you have activated the feature that lets you take payments from the booking page. You may toggle this feature by navigating to Settings > Payments > Booking Page.

Setting up booking page payments

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payments > Booking Page in your account.

  2. In Step 1, click the switch to turn it on.

  3. In Step 2, select whether you want to require payment at the time of booking.

  4. In Step 3, apply any deductions or taxes that will apply to all customer payments.

How customers will make payments

As customers register for a spot in your class on your booking page, they will take an additional step in the scheduling process.

  1. Immediately after entering their contact information, customers will be shown a screen with their payment details. They will click “Pay and Book Class” to continue.

  2. A new tab will pop-up and allow users to either enter their credit or debit card information, or sign in with PayPal to complete payment.

  3. A countdown timer of 5 minutes ensures that customers complete the booking, or their spot in the class will be freed up for another attendee.

How to verify a payment

  1. In your Setmore Calendar, click on the class session and click “Edit.”
  2. The Edit menu will show a summary of the class details and all attendees for the section. Attendees who have paid will show a grey or black dollar icon next to their names. Attendees with a yellow dollar icon have not yet paid for their attendance.

  3. Click on the dollar icon to bring up the payment history menu. This will show you all relevant information for the transaction, including time and date of payment.

How to issue a refund

  1. Follow the instructions in the section above to view the history for an attendee’s class payment.
  2. Click the Payment for which you want to issue a refund, and this will bring up a receipt for the payment.
  3. Click the “Issue Refund” button (in red font) at the bottom of the menu.

  4. Select the percentage of refund you want to return to the customer (by default it’s 100%).
  5. Click “Issue Refund” to confirm and issue the refund. The customer’s payment account or card will be credited the balance due.