Infusionsoft Integration

If you rely on  Infusionsoft to manage the heart and soul of your business campaign and utilize Setmore as your appointment management system, you are in for a treat. The Setmore-Infusionsoft integration is here to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Activating The Integration:

Navigate to Profile>Integrate and Choose Infusionsoft.

Next, Click Activate Infusionsoft.

Enter your Infusionsoft account credentials and Click Log In.

This action will request your permission to allow Setmore to access your Infusionsoft account. Click Allow.

This will activate the Setmore-Infusionsoft integration.

Now, for every new customer created at Setmore,

a contact is added automatically in your Infusionsoft account.

To deactivate the integration, Click Deactivate Infusionsoft.

You will receive the confirmation that the integration has been deactivated in your Setmore Account.