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The Setmore affiliate program: How it works
The Setmore affiliate program: How it works
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This article covers how to sign up to the affiliate program, what to expect during the process, and info regarding Tapfilliate (the platform to track your commission).

Once you’ve signed up, share your affiliate link in social media posts, articles, and more content. For every Pro account created using your link, you get a reward. Sound good? Here are the details.

How to sign up to the program.

If you’d like to become an affiliate, you can sign up here:

Enter your first name, last name and email address, then create a password. You’ll use this email address and password to log into your Tapfilliate account.

All affiliate program applications are reviewed by Team Setmore. Upon approval, you’ll receive an email with your unique affiliate link and further information about the program:

You’ll also gain access to your Tapfilliate dashboard. Log in at using your Setmore affiliate email address and password.

Understanding Tapfilliate.

Once logged into Tapfilliate, you’ll see the following dashboard:

Here you can track conversions (Setmore account sign-ups using your link), the number of clicks on your link, and more details related to your account.

Be sure to keep tabs on high-performing content; if you produce more around that topic or using that channel, you could encourage even more sign-ups.

Click ‘Assets’ in the left-side navigation to find your unique affiliate link, Setmore imagery, and links to Setmore’s social media channels.

How affiliates get paid 💸

During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked for your PayPal account details. Affiliates receive payment via PayPal exclusively, so you’ll need to have an account to receive any commission.

For more information regarding payments and our commission structure, read the affiliate program T&Cs.

Affiliates receive payment 60 days after their referred Pro user’s first month on the platform. Payment can only occur if the referred user remains on their Pro plan for at least 30 days.

Note: Affiliates do not get charged for creating an affiliate account.

FAQs about the affiliate program.

Where is my affiliate link?

Check the welcome email from when you joined the affiliate program. It’ll look like this: Alternatively, you can log into your Tapflliate account and click ‘Assets’.

Still need help? Email

Why haven’t I received my commission?

Please confirm that the timeframe described in ‘How affiliates get paid’ has passed. If so, contact

How do I spread the word about Setmore?

We’ve rounded up a few easy affiliate content ideas here: Give this blog post a read if you need a starting point.

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