Booking Slot Size

Adjust the frequency at which appointment openings are made available

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Booking slot size determines how often intervals appear on your Booking Page. For instance, a 15-minute booking slot size creates open slots every 15 minutes, from the time your business opens to the time it closes. Slot size is not impacted by individual service durations.

Adjust your booking slot size.

1. Navigate to Settings > Calendar & Booking.

2. Click ‘Booking Policies’ and scroll to ‘Booking Slot Size’.

3. Use the dropdown menus to specify an interval. Your changes will save automatically.

4. Open your Booking Page in a new tab and verify that the appointment slots take your new slot size into account. In the example below, the slot size was changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Note: Availability on your Booking Page depends on booking slot size and service duration. If a customer selects a service with a duration longer than the available time, they will not see any slots on your Booking Page. Instead, your Booking Page will display the first available slot on a different day.

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