Recurring appointments are a series of appointments that occur at regular intervals over a set period of time. With Setmore Premium, you can schedule recurring appointments in just a few clicks, and you have multiple options for determining the frequency of the appointment over a given timespan. This is useful if you want to schedule a bunch of appointments all at once with minimal effort.

Scheduling a recurring appointment

1. In your Setmore Calendar, click on an empty time slot to start the booking process. A new line item will appear below the Notes section, titled "Recurring." Click the On/Off switch to the "On" position.

2. Use the dropdown menu immediately below the On/Off switch to open a sub-menu where you can specify the interval of recurrence. You may choose between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, along with the option to skip intervals of every day, week, or month, and the end date. If you selected a Weekly repeat, you may also select the days of the week when an appointment will be scheduled.

3. When everything looks good, click the "Continue" button and finish by adding a customer to the appointment per usual. When you finish scheduling the appointment, they should all pop up in your calendar for the chosen provider.

Deleting a recurring appointment

1. Start with the first instance of the recurring appointment that you want to delete. Click on it in the calendar, then click the Delete link in the bottom right corner of the Appointment frame.

2. When you delete a recurring appointment, you'll be prompted to choose between deleting a specific instance of the recurring appointment, or all future instances of the recurring appointment starting with the one that you've clicked.

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