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Let customers rate and post reviews about the service they received

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Customer reviews are activated by default when you sign up. Positive reviews help encourage potential customers to follow through with booking. You can also use feedback to learn how to further enhance customer experience.

Activate reviews on your Booking Page.

1. Open your Setmore web app and go to Settings > Reviews.


2. Flip the ‘On/Off’ switch to on.


Automate review request emails.

If email prompts are activated, Setmore will automatically send a review request email to your customers one hour after their appointment. Requests are sent only for appointments, not group sessions.

How customers submit a review

  • On your Booking Page, customers will select ‘Write a review’.

  • After submitting the review, it will appear in Settings > Reviews for you to moderate.


  • Click the checkmark to approve the review, click the eye to hide the review or click the trash icon to delete it.

Deactivate review requests.

Would you rather not automate review request emails? In Settings > Reviews, next to ‘Enable Reviews’, simply flip the ‘On/Off’ switch to off. You can also deactivate the ‘Reviews’ tab.

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