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Track how visitors navigate and behave on your Booking Page.

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Add a Google Analytics tracking code to your Booking Page and measure visitor behavior online. Tracking enables you to monitor statistics like time-on-site, bounce rate, and the number of visitors to your Booking Page. Gain key audience insights to improve your marketing plans.

Note: Setting up tracking for your Booking Page requires you to have a Google account.

Setting up Google Analytics tracking for your Booking Page

Step 1: Log into your Google account and go to Google Analytics:

Step 2: Create a web property by clicking ‘Create Property'. Fill out the form fields, give your property a name, and select your desired time zone and currency.

Step 3: Click ‘Show advanced options’ and toggle on the ‘Create a Universal Analytics property’ option. Enabling this option will ensure all behavior on your Setmore Booking Page is captured.

Step 4: Under the form field titled ‘Website URL’, add your Setmore Booking Page URL. Click ‘Create a Universal Analytics property only’ and ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 5: Under ‘Business Information’, sg Page.Google Analytics

Track how visitors navigate and behave on your Booking Page.

👀 Already enabled the Google Analytics integration? Ensure you migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by 30 June 2023 so tracking isn’t disrupted. Learn how and then follow the instructions below to update your integration.

Add a Google Analytics measurement ID to your Booking Page and collect valuable insights about visitor engagement. Monitor important metrics like:

  • How long people spend browsing

  • The number of services they click

  • Where visitors were routed from (e.g. Facebook or your website)

  • What percentage of visits turned into new bookings

Comprehensive data is available with just a few clicks, enabling you to further optimize the online booking experience and your marketing strategy.

Get your Google Analytics measurement ID

Below are instructions to enable this integration from scratch using Google Analytics 4. You’ll need to create a property and data stream.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account (Need an account? Click here)

  2. Click the ‘Admin’ tab in the left-hand panel.

  3. Click ‘Create an account’ and confirm the account name and your data sharing preferences. Click ‘Next’.

  4. In the ‘Property Details’ section, confirm the property name and your business’ time zone and currency. Click ‘Next’.

  5. Select your main objective for collecting data. We recommend ‘Generate leads’. Click ‘Create’.

  6. In ‘Start collecting data’, select ‘Web’ as the platform.

  7. The ‘Set up data stream’ window will open. Add your Booking Page URL to the ‘Website URL’ form field. Next, type ‘Booking Page traffic’ or a similar prompt into the ‘Stream name’ form field. Click ‘Create Stream’.

  8. The ‘Web stream details’ window will open. You’ll see a ‘Measurement ID’ that begins with ‘G-’. Click the copy button next to it.

If you’ve already created a property in GA4, navigate to Admin > Property > Data streams. Select ‘Web’ and the relevant data stream. The ‘Web stream details’ window will open and display the measurement ID.

Connect your Booking Page to Google Analytics

  1. Log into your Setmore web app and head to Integrations > Google Analytics.

  2. Click the ‘Instructions’ tab.

  3. You’ll see a form field labeled ‘Your measurement ID’. Paste your Google Analytics measurement ID from earlier into this field.

  4. Click ‘Save’ to complete. A message will appear confirming that the ID was saved. Close the Google Analytics card.

You can now track activity on your Booking Page in Google Analytics. Simply open Realtime > Events to check that data is being collected. Only data collected after the integration was enabled will display and this could take up to 24 hours to begin.

Disconnect your Booking Page from Google Analytics

To disconnect Google Analytics, go to Integrations > Google Analytics integration card. Remove your measurement ID from the form field and click ‘Save’. This will stop tracking.

Connected before June 2023? Migrate to GA4 asap 💨

Previous versions of Google Analytics, such as Universal Analytics, use tracking IDs. If you enabled this integration before June 2023, you’ll have a tracking ID beginning with ‘UA-’. The most recent GA4 provides a measurement ID beginning with ‘G-’.

You need to update to GA4 by 30 June 2023 for Booking Page tracking to continue. Here’s how. Next, use the steps above to get your new measurement ID and update the form field in the Google Analytics card.

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